There’s a silent crime that could be happening to you right now. This thief is quietly robbing you of something you desperately need and will miss when it’s gone. You probably don’t even know it’s happening, because this thief is only taking a little bit at a time; but after a while, nothing will ever be the same. The culprit: Cataracts, and they are slowly stealing your vision and robbing you of your quality of life. Cataracts are often a common part of aging, but their growth can also be the result of smoking, diabetes or other environmental factors. In fact, according to the National Eye Institute, cataracts seriously affect nearly half of every American over 80 years of age. The real crime is that cataracts happen over time, and they often go undiagnosed for years. Thankfully, there is relief. Cataracts don’t have to be a permanent part of your life. There are plenty of procedures available that can help you see everything the world has to offer.
In the past, Cataract procedures were done solely by hand. And while they were effective in removing most of the cataract, you were likely to have some of the cataract remaining. Additionally, there was more of an extended recovery period. With modern advancements in laser technology, cataract removal has become more precise and allows ophthalmologists to remove the entire cataract. This precision ensures complete removal and a faster recovery time. Precision Eye Care is proud to offer one of these advanced cataract procedures: LenSx Laser Cataract Removal.
Our own Dr. Swarup was the first doctor in Eastern North Carolina to perform this innovative procedure, and since then, he’s amassed thousands of successful cataract removals. In addition to the removal of the cataract, you can also be fit with an Advanced Technology Replacement Lens. These lenses are designed specifically to match your prescription glasses, almost completely removing the need for corrective lenses and contacts.
What was once completed by hand, LenSx automates the most complicated parts of the procedure. Using a finely tuned laser, LenSx makes the primary incisions and locates and breaks up the entire cataract for easy removal. The procedure is completely painless and is usually completed in minutes. Recovery is faster than traditional cataract removal, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your clear sight faster than ever before. And with advanced technology lenses, imagine the relief of never having to reach for your glasses when reading the newspaper or having to fuss with contacts and their costly care. So don’t wait for your eyesight to rob you of your quality of life; contact us today and experience life-changing clarity.